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November 16th - The Big Event (East Elmhurst, NY)

December 21st - 22nd - Salt City Collector Con (Syracuse, NY) (The Great Northern Mall)

March 27th - 29th - New Jersey Horror Con (Atlantic City, NJ) (Guests TBA)

April 3rd - 4th 2020 - Wrestlecon (Demolition and Jake The Snake Roberts) (Tampa, FL)  

April 16th - 19th 2020 - Orlando Mega Con (Guests TBA) (Orlando, FL) 

June 5th -7th - Pop Mania - (Cherry Hill, NJ)

July 10th - 11th 2020 - Salt City Comic Con  (Guests TBA) (Syracuse, NY) 

August 14th - 16th - Monster Mania - (Cherry Hill, NJ) 

October 8th - 11th - New York Comic Con - (NYC,NY) 

October 23rd - 25th - Monster Mania - (Hunt Valley,MD)